The 7 by 7 Board Game

Feb 05, 2024

In almost every culture, the number 7 is special. There are 7 Days of the Week, 7 Notes on the Musical Scale, and 7 Colors in Light.

'Seven' is an original two-player turn-based game. As most games today are either simplistic “gobble-up” arcade games, “shoot-’em-up” war games, or hours-long fantasy games, Seven -- like Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon -- challenges the intellect, yet also uses that special number 7 in an entirely new way.

This includes:

- 7 by 7 board.
- 7 pieces (angels) per player.
- 7 movement spaces per turn.
- 77 seconds per turn.
- 3 dice per turn, with combinations totaling 7.
- Play vs AI.
- Play vs a random human.
- Play vs friend.
- Worldwide leaderboard.
- Full cross-platform support (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows - depending on release dates).

To win: capture the four Gates Of Heaven or banish four of your opponent pieces to the Sheol (dungeon for angels).